A catering company can be very profitable, especially if you’re a great chef. It can be a way to combine your passion for cooking and your desire to start your own business and if you do it right, you’ll have a large number of regular clients in no time. However, before you can start catering a wide number of events, you’ll need to invest in a number of different items. While you may have to start your business with some debt, all of these items are necessary to run a successful catering business. Here are the basic items that you will need.

A Commercial Kitchen

This is the largest expense you’ll have, but it’s a major one. You’ll need to have a large commercial kitchen in order to cook all of the food you’ll need to serve at the events you’re catering. If you can’t make enough food for 50 to 100 people at once, you won’t be able to cater large events. This means that you will be missing out on the higher-paying gigs.

Reliable Transportation That Holds Everything

You’ll need a good-sized transport van to get all of your prepared food from your kitchen or restaurant to the location of the event. That means you’ll need to have something more than just your personal vehicle. There are some vans that are specially designed for caterers which include secured shelving in the back. These shelves are designed to hold platters, trays, and pots of food so that they don’t tip over and spill while you’re driving.

Plates, Cups, and Other Crockery

You’ll want to be sure you have a large number of plates, cups, mugs, teacups, saucers, and many other items for the meals you cater. While you may be able to get started with a set of basic white plates, saucers, and cups, you will eventually want to expand so you can offer your customers different options. You can purchase a wide variety of catering crockery online from Pattersons at very reasonable prices, so it’s a great way of quickly building up your inventory.


Like plates, you’ll also often be called upon to supply the linens for events. Some event centres may supply these but if they don’t, the organisers will look to you as the caterer to have tablecloths and napkins. While basic white and black will serve for most functions, some, such as weddings or birthday parties, may require linens in other colours. You’ll want to have a good variety on hand so your clients will be able to select the colour that’s perfect for their event.

Warming Trays

In order to keep all of the food hot, you’ll need to have warming trays, large cookers, and other pieces of equipment capable of keeping a good amount of food warm at once. These items are often used for buffets, but you’ll also need them to keep plated meals warm until it’s time to begin serving. Otherwise, the meal may be cold by the time it is served.